Guest Post: Mike Stand of the Altar Boys/Altar Billies


Today I am so pumped and honored to share my blog with one of the most influential musicians in my life, Mike Stand. Front man and main song writer for the Classic Christian punk/progressive band The Altar Boys  and currently the Altar Billiies. Mike’s raw intensity and “Gut Level Music” inspired a whole generation (including me) to a new and more radical faith. It is such a HUGE deal to me that he agreed to do this and at such short notice, that I had to resist the urge to not go Chris Farley on him. “Um, Mike, ‘member when you, uh…did that one song?” “What song Bill?”, “Um… you ‘member that kickin’ tune about, um…the time you did that thing…um…that was AWESOME!!!!!”  So without further gushing, BackSpinRadaio presents today’s guest Blogger Christian Punk legend, MIKE STAND…

Over 15 years ago I stepped on a banana peel. Instead of falling down on my face, I slid down the kitchen at lighting speed – and I’ve been slipp’n and a slide’n ever since. Let me clarify, I am not referring to an actual banana peel mind you, but a figurative one. To be exact, just over 15 years ago my first firstborn arrived into this world and “stepping on a Banana peel” is a metaphor for how life has sped up ever since he was born. This of course is my perception and seems to be universal with most parents that have children. If you are a parent then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s with this thought in mind that I would like to reference a song titled “Time Pressing Dance” from my album ”Simple Expression” It is a rather obscure song in my library, but nonetheless very pertinent to my current “situation.” As you might guess from the title the song focuses on “time” and how it “presses” on, with or without us. There are 3 verses in the song, each one introduces a character and the “dance” they are doing with time.

Ironically I identify with the last verse of the song. Particularly the line that states “his children grow up in the blink of  an eye.” As I sit here writing this short prose, my 15 year old son is sitting across the room working on a computer helping me with a recording for our church. Just a few feet above his head is a picture of him and I when he was about 2.  I remember taking that photo like it was yesterday, because it really was “only” yesterday. It just went fast, too fast.

Scripture tells us that we all have a divine appointment set for us sometime in the future. I can tell you with certainty that the “dance” we are doing with “time” will end soon enough (Hebrews 9:27). As Christians we celebrate this appointment, while at the same time we also may sense an unease and sense of vulnerability knowing that it is coming sooner rather than later. Not such a bad deal when you think about it, but I concur that though I might be in paradise, those I leave behind will have to endure and press on. This is not a comforting thought, but nonetheless is a reality that I am very cognizant of, and for some reason struggle with.

In the end, God grants us all a certain amount of time to be on here this earth. We measure this “time” in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Thus far I’ve been given over 50 precious years on this spinning globe. I know with each passing day that I have a responsibility to serve God to the fullest at my job, in my home church, with friends, but most importantly with my family. I fully realize that I must use my time wisely, because the “days are short.” And believe me, ever since I stepped on that “banana peel” over 15 years ago it has been speeding along at warp drive – again, just my perception.

Still, the truth remains that no matter how hard try “we can’t turn back the clock,” and undo what we’ve done, or haven’t done. May I encourage you to use your time wisely, it really is our greatest and most valuable resource; and at best is both finite and very limited.

Click for a sample of “Time Pressing Dance”  
  Time Pressing Dance
Click Album Cover to download Simple Expression – “Time Pressing Dance”

Current Update for Mike Stand: Doing very well, thank you very much! Still married for over 27 years to Oh Oh Nancy. Have two children Keith (15) and Cami (12). Attending Calvary Church Santa Ana for 22 years. Working as a music specialist for 15 years in the Santa Ana Unified School District. Earned a Master’s degree and 2nd teaching credential in 2008. Currently playing in a rockabilly group called “The Altar Billies” and with my son in a group called “The Rockabilly Round up Quartet.”


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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mike Stand of the Altar Boys/Altar Billies

  1. Wow, good word for all to be reminded about, time is but a vapor. Mike Stand was an influence for my early walk with Jesus as well, to this day GLM is on my music player. When on shuffle an Altar Boys song will play and man, i catch the fire as I did in 1990… Was not aware of the Altar Billies; to excited to discover that.

    • Glad you were able to find this! Altar boys were also a big influence on me. Whenever I think about, or hear Life Begins at the cross i am moved by the power of that thought. The Bible says that i was dead in sin and lost for eternity. Until Jesus found me and paid for my sin by his death. my life began at the cross! hope you get a chance to hear our show today! 3pm EST at the!

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