The Choir: Never Say Never Radio Retrospective

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This is segment 1 of an incredible interview I had the honor of conducting and producing in 2006. It features Steve Hindalong and Dan Michaels of the pioneering Christian band the Choir and it took place in Dan Michaels office at INO records. This interview was in support of the Galaxy 21 release of the Never Say Never box set. This was a personal career highlight for me, as The Choir’s music has had a major impact on my life. I was given the honor to share my thoughts in a book that accompanied the box set.

This radio special only aired 1 time and it was on WLFJ AM 660 (Greenville, SC). I still have another 30 minutes of interview that cover the albums Wide Eyed Wonder through Free Flying Soul. Unfortunately, I never was able to get around to producing it. Segment 1 was part of the Light From the Underground radio show. A side project that gave me personal freedom to say and play whatever I wanted. It had a loyal little following of teens and college students. I ran into one of them a few days ago, he was married and had a kid…I felt really old.

This is without a doubt one of the interviews I was most proud of. There’s a really great one I did with Rebecca Saint James recorded in 2007, the very last time I attended GMA, but I don’t know if it exists anymore. Anyway, please enjoy and I promise segment 2 will be produced within the next few weeks.

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