It’s Coming Soon!

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.
(Psalm 145:4)

CCM has never been good to its pioneers, in fact you could say there has been more turnover in CCM than teenagers at a McDonald’s. Famed artist and producer Charlie Peacock once lamented that the majority of CCM was created and packaged for youth group consumption with no real attention to adult oriented pop music themes. Maybe he had a point

I myself have lamented great bands that have quickly come and gone, one and done artists and labels litter the great highway of CCM. While many mainstream artists continue to have loyal followings way past what most would consider their prime.

Well I for one am not going to take it anymore! The CCM music scene as I remember it doesn’t exist and with exception to a few new bright and long burning stars, one could argue it too, is past its prime. I think now more than ever this young CCM generation needs to hear the songs and stories of the brave men and women who blazed the path they now tread.

Yes before Skillet,Toby Mac,Third Day and Jeremy Camp there was Petra, Whiteheart, Degarmo & Key, Mylon & Broken Heart and many, many others. I ask you to listen to their stories and hear the music again for the first time…I invite you to experience BackSpinRadio…

Coming soon on the Z (WHRZ)


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