Marc Byrd, Author of “God of Wonders”, Talks Taking Heat From the Church

 Back in 2006 I had the great privilege of sitting down with Marc Byrd of the band
Common Children ’95-’02, songwriter “God of Wonders”, and currently a member of the post-rock duo Hammock.

Although this conversation is 5 years old it’s amazing how relevant Marc’s thoughts are when you think of the current discussion we’ve been having in regards to my previous post The Never Ending Debate: Are “Crossover” Christian bands Hurting The Name of Christ?

Marc has been through some serious crap in his life. But through unfair persecution from other so-called believers, a painful divorce and a band that never really was understood. Marc remained faithful to Jesus, and had no bitterness towards those who hurt him. It’s refreshing to see and encouraging when you consider some the more recently publicized news.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Segment 1) Marc talks about being misunderstood by the “church” and the song that resulted “Throw Me Over”

   Skywire    Common Children
Purchase Common Children – Skywire (Full CD)

Purchase Common Children “Throw Me Over”


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