Christian Concert Witness T-Shirt Guy

Lord's Gym Muscle White

Did you ever notice the large volume of “witness” t-shirts being worn at Christian music events? What’s with that?

I have never understood the thought process that must have gone into that particular clothing choice. I always imagined that it went something like this.

“Hey I’m going to see (insert CCM artist here) tonight, I’ll bet there will be lots of lost heathens at this extremely family friendly, marketed to the Church, exclusively Christian radio station promoted, music event. I will wear my “Turner Burn” T-shirt, perhaps some lost soul will see it, and repent of their sins and be saved.”

I never understood the CCM artist/band guy who wore their own tour shirt. Something about that screams “BUY MY MERCH, PLEASE!” Of course considering the paltry living most of them managed to carve out, I think we should cut them some slack.

How about the guy that wore his tour shirt from another Christian band/artist. So what is it this dude is trying to say? ” I really hate this band, but my youth pastor made me come to this stupid concert. I will silently protest by wearing the shirt of a group that I think is much cooler”.

And while I’m thinking about it…If I were a youth pastor in the 80’s and saw a boy and a girl in my group wearing matching Noah’s Yaht Club, Couples Only t-shirts, I would make a mental note to keep an eye on them for potential PDA infractions…I’m, just sayin’.

Name the best/cheesiest/most embarassing Christian tee you ever wore, or saw. 


8 thoughts on “Christian Concert Witness T-Shirt Guy

  1. The worst I ever wore was “Front: I believe in the Big Bang Theory; Back: God said Bang and it was.”

    Oh and Scott I had a God’s Gym one too.

  2. I think the only shirt I ever owned was the “God’s Gym” shirt… there was one that I remember that said something like “Jesus is the CURE for your DEPRESSED MODE.”


    I also remember a horrible sacrilege of a candy called “Test-a-mints” and those made me want to fashion a whip and start flipping over Sandy Patty CD displays… I almost forgot, “Scripture Cookies.” Yup, fortune cookies with scriptures in them.

  3. Worst I saw? “Bud Wise UP” with the beer frogs trying to tell me how to go to heaven!…Come on, we don’t need to “market” Jesus this much and we certainly don’t need to copy a beer advert to do it.

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