Bleach is Alive!

Dug up some great info on the band Bleach. So glad to hear that they are together again and working on some new tunes. As always, we here at BSR will keep you in the know. Check out these posts from Jerry Morrison.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 3:32PM

Things are just moving a little slower than we had hoped. We started a recording back in the Spring, with hopes of having it completed by Fall. We had also planned on doing some shows this Fall, in support of a new release. Due to jobs, distance, time, life etc. we realized we weren’t going to be able to finish up the recording in time to for the shows in the fall. We ended up deciding to push our plans to Spring of 2011.

Just so you guys know where we are coming from with this whole deal, we aren’t trying to relive the old days, or cash in on some past success. We have a genuine desire to make music together. Music that is real, honest and transparent. When we started talking about doing all of this, we quickly realized that God had been placing a lot of similar desires in our hearts. It’s kind of hard to explain, but there was a general sentiment among all of us, even though some of us live in different parts of the country and don’t spend as much time together as we used to. That seemed to be a pretty clear confirmation to us. All that to say: We want this to be the best music we have ever done, so we are taking our time. We want it genuinely reflect where we are as a band and as people. We have all grown and changed so much in the past 6 years, and I think Bleach in 2011 will reflect that. We want the recording and the shows we do to be special, so we are taking our time to make sure they are. Thanks for reading this novel, and thanks for continuing to support us! 



‎”Kinda firing this thing up a little bit”

DateMonday, January 17, 2011 at 4:05PM

You may have noticed by now that there has been some activity around our neck of the woods this past weekend. I’ll give a recap here, just so y’all are up to speed. I (jerry) moved back to Nashville about 3 months ago, and Sammy and his family recently relocated to Chicago. This put us all back in close proximity to each other, so we decided to get together this past weekend and really start ironing out some plans. A lot of people have asked about Sammy’s absence from the summer shows. Sammy was fully on board for the summer shows, but had to have some surgery at the last minute, and was (wisely) advised to rest it up for awhile. We got our old friend (and former Bleach drummer) Matt Gingerich (who is a fine musician, obviously) to fill in on guitar with us. As we’ve been writing new songs, and talking about what songs to play, and what kind of things we want to do for our shows in the spring, we all agreed that Matt had to be involved. It just made too much sense. So as an added bonus this spring, we will be hitting the road as a six piece. Davy, Sam, Milam, Jared, Matt and me (Jerry). I personally think it is going to be awesome. Matt has written some of my favorite Bleach songs, so it is great to have him back in the fold. We should also have some dates for shows coming in the next few weeks, as soon as we finish working out the details. We’re also talking to a good friend of ours about doing the shows with us. He’s got some new music out that is great, and I think people will really dig it. More on that later! 

Love you guys!


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