The Kind of Music God Likes: (Posted by Jamie Rowe/Guardian)

I found this post from Jamie Rowe former vox for Guardian. Strong point and food for thought. Enjoy – BSR

I came across this comment from someone I do not know, but thought it was good enough to repost. If you are invloved in the music ministry of any church, surely you can relate to these words.
– jamie

As a church musician, I’m often bemused by the comments I read about church music. While all are well-meaning, most ignore some basic truths.

Apart from the lyrics, music is just vibrations; sound waves. It has rhythm, melody and often harmony. No musical style is holy and none is unholy.

When people claim that a given style does not belong in church, what they’re really saying is that they don’t like it. They try to suggest that God’s taste in music is precisely the same as their own! This reminds me of the 19th-century missionaries to Africa who insisted that the only instrument God would approve for use in church is the organ.

Don’t mistake your musical taste, which is largely determined by your culture and subculture, for spiritual discernment. It’s OK to say that a style of music doesn’t bless you. It’s not OK to say that it doesn’t bless God.

David Wittenberg

So what kind of music do you think does not belong in the church?


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