Five 80’s Christian Albums That You Must Own: Whiteheart Freedom

Obviously this list is subjective and I will most definitely rile some of you up by not including your favorite 80’s Christian album. You are free to comment and share your thoughts. Of course you can always post your own list, but I can assure you that mine is better than yours.


(Whiteheart-Freedom) This is arguably the bands pinnacle project. As far as I’m concerned they never had a better line up than the one featured on this project. Gordon Kennedy, Tommy Sims, Chris McHugh, Mark Gersmehl, Billy Smiley and Ric Florian. Sonicly the group rivals, if not surpasses anything that was on mainstream radio at the time. There was a small push to get Invitation on mainstream radio, but I’m afraid it never gained any momentum, it’s  darn shame too, as this CD rocks from start to finish. It’s surprising how hard some of the songs are. Kingdom Come, Bye Bye Babylon, Power Tools and Sing Your Freedom are real scorchers.However, if you got the cassette back in the day, you missed out on one of the groups best songs, Set The Bridge On Fire. It was included exclusively on the CD release. Gotta love those marketing teams!!

Of course no one does a made for Christian AC ballad quite like Whiteheart. Standouts on this disc are Over Me, Let It Go and The River Will Flow. Sadley after creating what some consider one of the best records in Christian music the band once again lost members.

Guitarist Gordon Kennedy left and ended up writing hits for Eric Clapton and Garth Brooks, he also did a one off side project (Dogs of Peace) with producer (PFR)  and former Imperials (This Years Model) group member Jimmie Lee Sloas.

Tommy Sims (Bass) joined the E Street band with Bruce Springsteen and I’m pretty sure he is still in the band.

Chris McHugh (Drums) went on to be one of the most sought after Nashville studio drummers.

(If you liked bands like Def Leppard, Van Halen, and Queensryche you will love Whiteheart


3 thoughts on “Five 80’s Christian Albums That You Must Own: Whiteheart Freedom

  1. Sorry for the caps lock, but… BEST. ALBUM. EVER. Full stop. I think my favourite moment in this project is when Rick pulls out of nowhere the scream ‘Babylon’… That blew me away when I first heard it.
    I actually own this on cassette, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology (meaning iTunes), I now have a copy of ‘Set The Bridge On Fire’ too.

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