Re-Vamped line-up of Spoken Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Spoken has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. We’ve matured as a band more than ever and have stayed busy as always. As a band, we are a new lineup, with the exception of Matt being the only original member. We’ve continued to tour consistently, write as much as possible, and record as much as we can. Being without the support of a label has brought up a lot of thought about what Spoken will do in the future.  We were in a position of having a lot of freedom, with the possibility of redefining this band.  The biggest factor of having this mentality came as we began the writing process for the new record.  We found ourselves creating songs and ideas that we never thought would have come from this band. The music, by itself, was hard to attach the name “Spoken.”  The writing process of the new record has been on another level.   It wasn’t until we added Matt’s voice into the mix, that it gave the sense of familiarity back into the music as a whole.  As the parts of the writing process all started coming together it was clear that this was still Spoken, but a different, more mature, and better sounding Spoken.  Being more and more excited about the possibilities ahead allowed us to make the decision to start letting the past of this band go, and focus on the future. 

This record is the start to a new Spoken.  We want this record to make an impact when it comes out, and people to associate Spoken with this record more than any.  We have been writing for this record for the past 2-3 years.  It’s been an amazing learning and growing experience for this band, and we believe you will hear this growth when listening to this record.  This Kickstarter campaign is to support this record and make it everything we hope it can be, and more, for you guys.

Spoken has been a band for 16 years, and we plan to keep it going as long as God tells us to. Our ministry is our life. We’re so lucky to be able to use music as an extension of our life. We will always appreciate the amazing foundation Spoken was built on. We have never, and will never, take our fans for granted. We know we’re just a bunch of really lucky guys that get to play music, meet people, and use the talents given to us by God.

We would love to see your continued support throughout this Kickstarter campaign, and in making this new record possible.  We know it’s been a very long wait, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being patient and still supporting us. We are so excited to be launching this campaign and to begin moving forward.  Please support in any way you can.  Spread the word to everyone you know about what we are trying to do.  We appreciate it so much!

Thank you again. We love you all and look forward to everything to come!!!


You can check out more details and donate, by clicking on the link below.


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