Frontline Q&A with Dawn Wisner Johnson of Crumbächer

Q&A with Dawn Wisner Johnson of Crumbächer

by Frontline Records on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 5:04pm ·
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  1. What was your first instrument?  I began taking Piano lessons when I was 6 years old.  I still have that same piano!  I learned how to read music pretty well – but also learned quickly how to play by ear.  Once I was 13, my mom was directing the high school choir and told me I could quit taking lessons if I would accompany the choir – I thought that was a great deal and took her up on it. 
  2. What was the first song you learned?  “Here We Go, Up A Row, To A Birthday Party” – in the John Thompson’s beginners book.
  3. Is your family musical?  My whole family is musical – going back generations as well.  But my immediate family sang together as a quintet, and my parents have always been singers, and musicians.  It’s in the genes.
  4. Why did you start playing?  I was too young to know why – mom just insisted we take lessons.  All three of us took piano, but Jim and I also took Ukulele lessons – and then Jim became interested in drums and had a drum set when he was 10.  Music was NOT an option in our family.  
  5. What is your favorite instrument that you’ve owned?  My keytar when I was in the band.
  6. Who was your favorite band growing up?  Chicago was the first band I really got into in the 70’s.  I love the “Chicago” from the 60s – Transit Authority, when Terry Kath was still alive.  I lived and breathed the band and dreamed of being like them someday.  I loved the harmonies, and horns, etc.  Other favorites were Jackson 5, Bay City Rollers, and The Osmonds – those were the beginning bands who influenced me.
  7. What was the biggest blunder you’ve made on stage?  Can’t really remember – I’m sure there are many – I usually forget the bad stuff… I bet the boys would know this better than me!
  8. Who did you dream about touring with when you were just starting out?  Sweet Comfort Band and Daniel Amos were “christian music” favorites.  They had a big influence when I was older.  
  9. What was one unforgettable tour(or tour memory)?  Breaking down every 100 miles in our old school bus.  We took that thing everywhere for awhile, and it broke down all the time.  After about a year or so – we graduated into a bug GMC tour bus – and it was better.Other awesome memories are sight-seeing – when we had days off.  Niagara Falls, Disney World, New York City in the middle of the night in our bus was awesome!Another awesome tour memory, getting a piece of my hair cut off by some crazy girl fans in Phoenix. And getting chased backstage by some other crazies!! 
  10. What was your favorite music video that you’ve shot?  We only did two – Jamie was a big one and was done well… the next one, oh my gosh – never was released, it was so ridiculous!  Sorry if I’m offending anyone – but it’s always a laugh to think about – it was just BAD!!  The song was Interstellar Satellite.  Oh my 🙂
  11. What did you miss while you were on tour?  I missed family – while we toured, my husband and my parents.  Otherwise, I loved touring – couldn’t wait to get out of town and settle into my bunk and have time to sleep, and hang out.  I also missed good Mexican food from California.

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