Review: Insyderz-The Sinners Songbook

The Sinner's Songbook cover art

A guest review by Erik Sellin/BSR Music News

“The Insyderz are back…

with a song to help you get up and dance…” So begins the Insyderz Shuffle, found on their brand new album “The Sinner’s Songbook.” The album starts off slowly, which might make the listener wonder if the Insyderz are truly back, but we’ve waited for 5 years, what’s a couple more minutes. The unmistakble hardcore breakdowns of Spoken’s Matt Baird in the opening song “Angel of Death” (the first of many cover songs) but to rest any notion otherwise. The title track features the vocalists of the other 2 big ska bands, Reese of Five Iron Frenzy and Mojo from the Supertones (both of whom have comeback albums forthcoming as well). These three would-be rivals coming together to sing about unity in the body of Christ is nothing short of a masterpiece. The passionate “Our Darkest Hour” is not far behind, with Joe Yerke’s passionate voice telling of how God meets us where we are when we need Him the most. “The Insyderz Shuffle” encourages rude boys and girls to skank, and tells the unintiated just how to do so. “Like Drawing Blood From a Baby” tells of the anguish a parent feels when a child experiences a serious illness. The one drawback of the album is its cover-heaviness. “All Creatures” would sound right at home on one of the Skalleluia albums. “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” was a fun idea based on the recent internet video phenomenon, but those and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” come nowhere close to the gems that the title track and “Our Darkest Hour” are. Rounding out their most diverse album yet are the contemplative “The Dirty Work,” and “The Snake,” which is the most Celtic-influenced Insyderz song ever. Insyderz and ska fans rejoice, our friends are indeed back with, as they say in the last song “Patron Saints of Underdogs,” “the same attitude as we had before.”

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