Five 90’s Christian Rock Albums That You Must Own: Third Day Conspiracy No.5

File:Conspiracy No. 5 (Third Day album - cover art).jpg

Back any member of Third Day into a corner and you might  get them to admit that this 1997 sophomore release is their personal favorite. I know it’s one of mine.

After impressive indie label sales with Grey Dot Records, (20,000 units) and explosive live shows, the Nashville biggies came calling on the Georgia boys and Reunion Records signed the Band. After extensively touring their self titled Reunion debut, the guys were ready for a change of pace. After all they had been playing the same  material from 1991 until 1997.

On CNo. 5  the group exchaged the southern “roots rock” vibe for a more “alternative” sound. CNo.5 was different, in fact it was so different than the bands’ extremly popular indie record and Reunion debut, that many of the bands newfound fans felt slightly alienated (no pun intended) by the dirty, grungy distorted tones that permeated the record. Add the slighty darker tone of Powell’s lyrics on Conspiracy, and one might get a better picture as to why the album has yet to hit RIAA Gold status. A shame for sure.

Despite the record’s lack of Gold, it earned the group two Dove Awards for Christian Rock Rock Song of the Year (Alien) and Christian Rock Album of the Year. Other notable songs from this overlooked masterpiece include “Peace”, “How’s Your Head”, “Have Mercy”, the worship anthem “My Hope Is You”, “This Song Was Meant For You”, “More To This” and Gomer’s Theme.

There’s no doubt C No. 5 was out of this world sonically and lyrically. Although recognized by die-hard fans and peers as a truly great project, most CCM fans either loved it or hated it. DONT BE A HATER. Conspiracy No. 5 is a 90’s Chritian Rock Must Own.


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