Various Christian CD’s For Sale: Batch 1

20140826_110727Ok music fans here is batch one of the cd’s I have for sale. All sales are final and the cd’s are as is, don’t worry they are all in good shape.

They are for sale individually for $2.00 each. You will pay shipping and handling.  Contact  me if you are interested.

12 stones, 12 stones
benjamin gate,
benjamin gate, contact
charlie peacock, full circle a celebration of songs and friends
church of rhythm, not perfect
dime store prophets, fantastic distraction
disciple. disciple 
downhere, so much for substitutes
edl, american standard
extreme days, various artists
FIF, our newest album ever
FIF,electric boogaloo
FIF,upbeats and beatdowns
Gotee Brothers, ERACE
holland,photographs and tidalwaves
human, out of the dust
joe club, over the moon
joe club,leave it up to you
joy electric, christiansongs
leslie Phillips, Beyond Saturday Night
marie brennan,perfect time
massivivid,bright blur
never say dinosaur
not the jonses, not the jonses
one point oh, the rethink collection
parkway,glad you made it
peace of mind, peace of mind
philmore, philmore
rod laver,essence of the game
rod laver,no toque el toro
Room full of walters, el grande
scott krippayne, wild imagination
spark,tomorrow Is today
spooky Tuesday, it’ll never fly orville
start right here,remembering the life of keith green
supertones,chase the sun
t-bone, the hoodlum’s testimony
the echoing green,aurora 7.2
the echoing green,if I could…
the miscellaneous,all good weeds grow up
watashi wa, the love of life
waterdeep,everything is beautiful
waterdeep,sink or swim

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