Story of the “Gut Level” Telecaster: As Told By Mike Stand/Altar Boys

Someone recently asked about the origins of my “beloved” GLM telecaster. Let me start by saying, that In 1983 I got my first tele from steve Soest at main street music in Anaheim, it was white with black binding. It can be seen on the Cornerstone 84 “I’m into God” video (and was later traded for a Rickenbacker). So back to the story, in 1984 I was down at MRC (ministry resource center) in Costa Mesa talking to “Bugs” – he was more or less the manager of MRC. We were talking about guitars and i told him I was on the hunt for another Tele. Bugs used to roadie for Richie Furay and still had some of his equipment stored at his house. He mentioned that he had one of Richie’s tele’s and that he might want to sell it. It perked my attention, and this lead to that and before you know it, I was the new caretaker of this fine instrument. There were a few things that i needed to attend to on it before it was playable. First, the original pickup was not working – so I replaced it with a seymour Duncan 1/4 pounder (don’t worry, i still have the original pickup). I replaced the tuners that were all bent and broke, and the guitar had all of these rose decals all over itt – I couldn’t have that, not in a punk band, so I took steel wool and carefully removed them. Finally, fearing the bridge would destroy the fingers on my right hand i replaced it with a “kinder and gentler” bridge that I knew would do me no harm. Safe to say, the guitar is still in my possession and was last used on several tracks on the new Altar Billies project: “Head’n out West.”

 Check out the BSR podcast with Mike Stand of the Altar Boys!

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