UPDATE-Wanted: Classic Petra, (John Lawry Responds)

If you were like me the news of a Classic Petra DVD and follow-up tour back in 2011 was HUGE. The Classic Petra line-up featuring Bob Hartman on guitar, Mark Kelly on Petra+classicbass, John Lawry on keys, Greg X Volz on vox and the beloved Louie Weaver on drums was a die-hard Pethead’s dream come true. What made it even more exciting for me was the fact that I had never had the privilege to see that particular band formation, as I was introduced to Petra shortly after Greg had departed.

Regardless, music from Never Say Die, More Power to Ya, Not of This World and Beat the System had become a permanent part of my Petra lexicon, so when they came in to my area you bet I went and saw them. I was not disappointed. The band didn’t miss a beat and it seemed like they had never stopped touring, a sure testament to the skill and professionalism of each member. I came away blessed and excited at the possibility of new music in the form of a full length Classic Petra record.

As the Classic Petra tour continued the buzz grew and there was much talk of said full length new Classic Petra music. Although I could never find anything official it seemed like it was a done deal. From what I understood the tour was a great success, so when everything seemed to go dark you can understand my confusion. Am I alone here?
what happened to Classic Petra? It seemed that there was all this big MO going and then almost overnight there’s NOTHING.

I’ve Googled for articles, I’ve scoured social media for info I’ve even reached out to John Schlitt’s team to see if they know anything, but I got NOTHING! Not even a peep, just the steady drone of crickets. Does anyone out there know ANYTHING official about the future of Classic Petra? If so can you please let me know, or tell them to get in touch with us here at BSR?


John Lawry It’s hard sometimes to get all the pieces together at the same time. As business owners, family men and busy schedules it takes a lot of effort to accomplish things. Also people living in different parts of the country make things even more difficult

John Lawry Just talked to Greg last week. He has solo dates he is performing. Louie is doing good and working hard, and Mark has moved back to Texas. I got to spend some time with Mark before the move. He actually spent the night here with our family before the long drive.

John Lawry Sure we could do separate tracks but… it’s a lot more fun to hang and work on something. The biggest financial challenge is the live concerts. Flights, tour buses and hotel expenses are much higher these days. Also we can’t hang out and sleep in the vans like the old days. Do you remember those days? When you’re young God blesses you with health as we get older, we have to do our part:) which means sleeping in beds, getting sleep and eating the proper food and not all those burgers, fries and cokes we used to live on back then. Tho… it was a lot of fun:) and I still like a nice burger but unfortunately in moderation these days:)





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