A Message From Michael & Smalltown Poets: Christmas Time Again

I continue to gain a deeper understanding about what’s potentially great with our PledgeMusic campaign.

 At first, I rolled my eyes at the idea of a pledge option where fans could pledge to have their name in the liner notes of our new album (thinking would people really want that?). However, it hit me the other day that on past albums, we’ve only thanked people in the liner notes who had some specific role in making that particular record.

This time it’s different. As we’re heading into the home stretch of the recording, every time I get ready to track a vocal or craft a lyric, I think about the people who have pre-ordered Christmas Time Again. Seeing someone I know who has supported Smalltown Poets consistently over time, or seeing a name of someone I’ve never met supporting what we’re doing, really inspires me. It makes sense to say a big thank you in the notes.

If you already pre-ordered the new album, I want to say thank you. It truly has been a source of inspiration for us.
If you’ve yet to pre-order the album, I invite you to do so HERE. You’ll also get access to exclusive content, and have the option to get some unique Smalltown Poets gear. Your support will help us finish this record off right!
We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Smalltown Poets


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