Jedi Wisdom For Dummies. Kosmos Express, The Force

Qui-Gon Jinn - Star Wars Wiki                                                                                                                         One of my favorite movie quotes comes from Qui Gon Gin in Star Wars Episode I. After failing to obtain a badly needed hyperdrive from that flying, blue aardvark looking thing, Watto, Qui Gon displays great wisdom, and patience when he states the following, “I’m sure another solution will present itself.” A quote so subtle it could easily be overlooked, yet so profound it could change your destiny. Which if you recall, is exactly what happened to young Anakin Skywalker when he offered up the use of his pod racer…

Mock me if you must, but I have actually found Qui Gons wisdom to be quite Biblical. In my own life, when I try to control outcomes, and force solutions, things usually end up going horribly wrong. However, when I don’t rush to take matters into my own hands, God move’s, and the solution does in fact present itself. But don’t take my word for it, let’s go to the Bible for examples of what happens when people become impatient with God.

(Genesis 16)
God promises Sarai that He will give her a child, and through that child He will bless the nations of the world. She get’s impatient, gives her servant Hagar as a surrogate to her husband Abram. Hagar gets cocky and gives Sarai an attitude, Sarai blames Abram, and Abram says, “hey, this is your mess, you clean it up!” And so Sarai kicks Hagar to the proverbial curb.

God sees Hagar and has mercy on her. God tells Hagar that he has her back and that she will have many descendants, but that the son in her womb, Ishmael, will be like a wild donkey, constantly fighting with his relatives. The result of this made for TV drama can be seen played out in the middle east even today. As all of the descendants of Ishmael (Arab nations) have sworn to destroy the descendants of Isaac (Israel). Talk about a mess!

Need another one?

(Exodus 32)
Moses goes up the mountain to talk with God and receive the 10 commandments. The people of Israel get tired of waiting for Moses to come back down, so they hassle Aaron into building a golden cafe. The whole camp goes bat crazy, and God is like, “Moses get back to camp before I wipe out those stiff-necked people”. Moses was like, “God, please don’t destroy them, because all of the world will mock you, and us, if you brought them out of Egypt only to kill them in the desert.” God’s like, “ok then you better get down there now.”

Moses heads down the mountain and sees just how insane the whole camp has gone and get’s ticked off, busting the first set of commandments in the process. Long story short, God tells the tribe of Levi to kill 3000 Israelites as punishment for their impatience, and for worshiping idols. Whaaaat???

Obviously we humans aren’t great at playing the waiting game, but that’s how God rolls. One of my teaching pastors put it this way, “God is doing, what God is doing…his plan is not a microwave plan, its slow roasting.”

Qui Gon would say, “Let the force be your guide.”  I would say trust God, cry out to Him in the midst of your crisis, and just when you’re at the end of your rope, He will present you with the exact solution that you need. More often than not, it’s Himself.







Can you remember a time when God presented a solution when you least expected it?

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