Five Classic Christian Rock Christmas Albums You Must Own

The only thing better than Christmas music is classic Christian Rock Christmas music. Nothing gets me in the “spirit” of things like some of my favorite Yule Tide tunes. A few of these bad boys have been part of my Holiday celebrations for over 20 years. It just wouldn’t be Christmas at my house without these great records. I’ve listed five for you to check out, my hope is that they will become part of your personal Christmas sound track as well. By no means is this list comprehensive! (click the album cover for link to purchase site.)

Undercover, Adam Again, JC & The Boys, 441 and the Holidays are some of the featured artists from the early Broken records roster. A first of its kind groundbreaking record for 1988 Christian music. It still stands the test of time and is still available. Here’s one of my favorite tracks.

I love this record!!! What a collection of popular 80’s artists. Steve Camp, Margret Becker, Denise Williams, Al Green, Tim Minor, Steve Taylor, Geoff Moore & the Distance, BeBe & CeCe Winans all have classic songs on this record. By far, Whiteheart’s version of Little Drummer boy is one of the best Christmas Christian rock songs of all time. AMAZING tune!

This Elefante brothers produced record is 80’s rock perfection! With another stable of fantastic guest vocalists the 2nd project in the Packaderm Records Rock Power Praise series was a superb follow-up to Rock Power Praise Vol. 1: The Hymns. Excellent production and “non-cheesy” arrangements of classic Christmas Hymns make this release sparkle and shine with Christmas cheer!

IMHO Happy Christmas Vol I. remains the best project in the BEC/”Tooth & Nail “Happy Christmas” series. 90’s Christian rock at it’s finest, including a stellar version of Joy to The World by the OC Supertones and a scorching rendition of Away In a Manger by Plankeye. These cuts are the album’s most notable tracks, but there are many more memorable tunes on this baby! Happy Christmas Vol. II is also a great project, but Vol. I is truly a classic.

What can I say about NOEL? Produced by Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty of the Choir, NOEL is an origional masterpiece that was before its time. Consider the list of artist who contributed to this record. Terry Taylor (DA, Lost Dogs), Michael Pritzl (The Violet Burning), Jenny Gullen (Hoi Polloi), Carolyn Arends, Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Kevin Max, yes THAT Kevin Max, and many more. While sadly overlooked by most CCM music buyers NOEL should have been spinning on every Christian AC station nation wide. It is a tender, beautiful and very accessible collection of songs. The earthy folk/Americana vibe of the project gives it life well beyond it’s mid 90’s release date. If you purchase one of my recommendations, make it this one. You will not be sorry that you did.

So there ya have it. Five of the best Christmas records ever recorded. Just about all of them are still available on the interweb if you want to cough up the cash. I think each one is worth every penny. There’s still two weeks till Christmas and that’s plenty of time to order and enjoy some great music!

Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Five Classic Christian Rock Christmas Albums You Must Own

  1. The main issue with the Happy Christmas series (I have the first 4, but not #5) are the repeats on later ones, or at least repeats of the same tunes, if by different artists. For the most part they are very good. My fave actually would probably be #3, with the others having some great tracks also.

    • Funny you say that because I was thinking that same thing today. My Thought was that they allowed it, or did that because the bands were so different, that the songs interpretation would be different enough as to not become redundant. That was my guess anyway.

  2. The only one I don’t have is “Noel.” The beautifully mournful “Angels We Have Heard On High” by Adam Again is reason enough for anyone to add “Broken Christmas” to their collection. The White Heart and Steve Taylor tunes on the “Sparrow Christmas” album are great. And Steve Camp turns in the best version of “Oh Holy Night” ever recorded. In fact, there’s really not a bad track on that CD. The “Happy Christmas” CDs (1, 2 & 3) have some cool stuff but also a lot of songs I can truly do without (a mixed bag). My favorite song on the “Rock Power Praise” CD is John Elefante’s “Silent Night.” Great list!

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