6 thoughts on “Five Albums You Must Own, 90’s

  1. Got a couple to fill in those “TBD” spots:

    “The Secret of Time,” Charlie Peacock. Another sublime work from Mr. Ashworth. If one could burn out a CD, this one would be see-through by now.

    “Sticks and Stones,” The 77’s. Three words: God Sends Quails. Probably their best song ever.

    • For Mr Peacock my fav would be Everything That’s on My Mind or Kingdom Come, but those are newer. Still Love the oldies though.
      You’re dead on with Sticks and Stones, by far the best 77’s record EVER.

  2. Hey, thanks much for including CoS in your 90’s favorites. May I make one clarification to your bio of the band? I was the bass player with CoS, played on every recorded song and performed all of the live dates until the last few as the band was breaking up. Bob Wholer then stepped in and finished out the final dates with the band, doing a great job. Not sure how Bob got credit (maybe wikipedia?) but, as CoS is something I was really proud of I just wanted you to know. Blessings!

    Matthew Chapman
    Allies, Bryan Duncan, Benny Hester, Darrell Mansfield, Rick Elias … and Clash of Symbols.

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