My Life, In Music

happy shotSince the day I discovered Rick Cua, “You’re My Road” and Petra, “More Power to Ya” cassettes tossed into in an old shoe box I’ve been hooked on CCM. Needless to say I have music on the brain, so much so, that it is now a running joke with my wife and friends. What’s the joke you ask? Well, it seems that since my mind has been saturated with Christian music for so  may years I now “think in song”, so to speak. There’s not a day that goes by where a turn of phrase, or a single spoken word doesn’t trigger some song lyric in my mind. So often God will use the songs of CCM to speak to me while listening to a sermon, studying scripture, or reading devotionals. I’ve taken to writing those thoughts down so I hope that as I’m inspired, you might be as well. Please subscribe to my blog and these will be delivered to you via email.

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Skillet,Suspended in You – Ricky Bobby & Baby Jesus
Rick Cua – I Can I Will
Newsong – Love Revolution
Steven Curtis Chapman – Lord of the Dance
Charlie Peacock, One Man Gets Around – Wal-Mart Jesus
Between Thieves, the Spring – My Virgin Water Obsession
Petra, Good News – The Downside to Growing Up Christian
Smalltown Poets,Trust – Holy Spirit Double Whammy
Undercover, Boys & Girls – When Faith Heroes fall
Songs That Scare the Hell Out of Me – Jacob’s Trouble/Third Day
The Peyton Manning Bible Study Method – Margret Becker, Deep Calling Deep
Did Jesus Really Build Your Hot Rod? – Whiteheart, Convertibles
Who’s Your Daddy? Sixpence, The Fatherless & The Widow


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