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BSR Episode #1 Kevin Young/Disciple, Marc Byrd/Common Children
BSR Episode #2 Rebecca Saint James
BSR Episode #3 Scott Hunter/Poor Old Lu
BSR Episode #4 Barry Blaz/Code of Ethics
BSR Episode #5 Mike Stand/ Altar Boys
BSR Episode #6 Joe Narawki/Polar Boy
BSR Episode #7 Joel Hanson/ PFR
BSR Episode #8 Dan Fritz/ Johnny Q Public
BSR Episode #9 Mark Ambrose Idle Cure
BSR Episode #10 Un-Aired Extras Joel Hanson PFR/Barry Blaz Code of Ethics
BSR Episode #11 Jerry Davidson/Jacob’s Trouble
BSR Episode #12 Danny Stephens & Michael Johnson/Smalltown Poets 
BSR Episode #13 Xtras Jacob’s Trouble, Johnny Q Public, Idle Cure 
BSR Episode #14 Rex Carroll/Whitecross Pt 1
BSR Episode #15 Rex Carroll/Whitecross Pt 2
BSR Radio Special: The Choir Retrospective Pt 1
BSR Episode #16  The Choir Retrospective Pt 2
BSR Episode #17 John Schlitt The Greater Cause
BSR Episode #18 John Schlitt In-Depth Pt1
BSR Episode #19 John Schlitt In-Depth Pt2
BSR Episode #20 Steve Shannon/Idle Cure Pt1
BSR Episode #21 Steve Shannon/Idle Cure Pt2
BSR Episode #23 Les Carlsen/Bloodgood Pt1
BSR Episode #24 pt1 Adam Lee Kemp/Crystavox
BSR Episode #25 pt2 Adam Lee Kemp/Crystavox


3 thoughts on “Podcasts

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  2. Do you have the final conclusion after part 2 of whitecross the interview. I know at the end you said in the next episodes you would play the rest can you give me step by steps on what episode has the final interview thanks at tcbischof@hotmail.com

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