Rikki Michelle/ Margret Becker News Via The Choir Newsletter



Rikki Michelle of Adam Again talks about her Kickstarter campaign and working with Margret Becker. Click picture for video.

Riki Michele, from the band Adam Again, has been part of the Choir family for years. She’s sung with the band on stage and in the studio, she was also Lisa’s maid of honor when Dan and Lisa got married, and has generally been a dear friend to the Choir. In addition to Adam Again’s music she’s made four great solo records on her own. Now she’s going for a fifth, and we want to tell you about it. Like the Choir, she’s working on a Kickstarter campaign that she just launched. And she’s teaming with another artist of that era, Margaret Becker, to produce the record.

Please take a few minutes to check out the Kickstarter page, watch the video, get a taste of the music, and consider supporting her in bringing some more great music into the world.


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