Getting “Honest” : Follow Up With Todd Olsen of the Waiting


Recently (Music Monday)Todd Olsen Guitarist/co-founder of the Waiting guest posted for us here at BackSpin. In his blog he made a veiled reference to some bad decisions he felt he had made with the band. I was intrigued as to what he ment. This follow-up post sheds a little more on the issue.

as nominal ‘leader’ and co-founder of TW ill tell u – what ur saying is true. no arms were twisted but i created a culture of ‘succeed no matter what’. the buck stops with me. i looked at christian music and (rightly) concluded that christian …music WAS pop in style at the time and i felt that was our best shot to make a living. no alternative bands were- bein famous doesnt pay the bills. the things that sparrow did w co-writing etc were bc thats the tone i set. i forgot a few things- 1) god can do anything he wants 2) im a rock guy- not as good at pop and 3) i forgot about u man. u and all the ppl we left behind when i sold us out. i forgot that since we had been public that there were alot more ppl to think about than just us. i regret that. i dunno if u will like the new stuff or not but i will tell u that it has no thought of money or success or radio in it- we are doin exactly what we want to do. after all- we are an indie band now..

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